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Full Spectrum Hemp blends that (really) go beyond CBD

Precise blends of cannabinoids and terpenes

Our oils combines natural extracts from different hemp strains, chosen for the molecules that they naturally produce and their unique properties.

Our secret sauce

Unique ingredients

Our producers cultivate various hemp strains, that each produce different nature and quantities of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Clean extraction

We use full spectrum hemp extracts, obtained through a soft extraction method that allows us to best preserve all the natural molecules of our plants.

Scientific northstar

Our product blends are informed by the latest available scientific review on cannabinoids and terpenes and their synergetic effects.

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Sustainable practices

Regenerative farming

Our plants are grown with love. We use ZERO artificial materials, only biomaterials from our farm and its surroundings to create our fertilizer (ex : coffee grounds from coffee shops nearby). Our producers abide by the principles of biodynamic (pending Demeter certification) and respect the Sun & Earth Program. 

Our story

I discovered CBD and the world of hemp in 2018, in the USA, while running an innovation project for a big company. 

Since then, it's been part of my wellness routine to face daily struggles (stress, PMS, the occasional insomnia...). 

These last few years, I've taken on more and more innovation projects with partners around industrial hemp, therapeutic cannabis and CBD (for big brands, small startups, etc.). This allowed me to strengthen my knowledge, my network and my convictions about the products I actually wanted to see on the market, the products I wanted to be able to buy.

These products are the Hummies Hemp Blends.

In 2021, I partnered with Nitzan, a biochemist and agronomist by training, that started cultivating hemp in Greece with a focus on strains that deliver high levels of minor cannabinoids and valorize terpenes. Together, we created this first range of products to go beyond CBD and truly leverage the full potential of hemp.

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