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Exceptional ingredients

Our producers have developed a unique expertise in the cultivation of rare hemp varieties with extremely diversified profiles of cannabinoids and terpenes. This allowed us to create 100% natural formulations with very diverse molecule profiles, without the use of cannabinoid or terpene isolates. We work with full hemp extracts because we believe that respecting the biological integrity of the natural world is absolutely essential.

Respecting nature and humans

Our producers have settled under the sun, in the Greek region of Volos, where they cultivate their hemp without using any artificial substance. To create fertilizer, they use biomaterials from the farm and surroundings (such as coffee grounds). They adhere to the principles of biodynamics (currently pending Demeter certificationg) and respect the Sun & Earth Program.

A gentle & clean extraction process

We use the most natural extraction method available : cold water extraction. It allows us to best preserve all of the natural molecules of our plants, including the most volatile such as terpenes. This method, while more costly and time consuming, is the most aligned with our values and allows us to offer you the cleanest possible product.

Aiming for the most positive impact

When you work in hemp, and more broadly with natural products, we believe you also need to take a hard look at how you operate your business to make sure it is as sustainable as possible. This is why we decided to : deliver our products without the use of secondary packaging, to ship them in a container that is both recycled and recyclable, and to print our dosage instructions on seed paper printed in vegetable ink. 

Focus on

Our producers : Sophron

Our first and best partners : Sophron ! A company that shares our values and ambitions to put plants back at the heart of our daily lives to help us face the challenges of life. Sophron was created by Nitzan (a biochemist and agronomer by training, with over 10 years of experience in cannabis). Sophron brings a scientific approach and a deep respect for nature to create innovative solutions that are a 100% natural.
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