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How Hummies started...

The story of Hummies starts with two passionate people getting together to create something great. Faten has over 10 years of experience in innovation, and Nitzan, a trained biochemist, has spent the last 10 years working in the field of hemp and therapeutic cannabis. 

Together, they first collaborate for several years to create innovative new CBD products for brands and startups on the North American market. But together, they also dream of creating next-gen products that will go beyond CBD and truly valorise hemp. 

Nitzan creates Sophron, and Faten creates Hummies. They take one year to develop a first range of products together : the Hummies blends. 

United by their passion for hemp, these two also share common values at the heart of both of their companies : uncompromising quality, an approach guided by science and respect for nature, and the desire to have the most beneficial impact on humans and the environment.

Our mission

Help you live fully thanks to the powers of nature

We want to help you leverage the full potential of the wonderful hemp plant by providing you with simple solutions that help you alleviate daily pains.

After 1 year of R&D, we have created unique formulations, that valorize all of the natural molecules that the hemp plant produces.

Our approach

Lead by science, fueled by nature

Our formulations are guided by the latest available scientific literature on cannabinoïdes, terpenes and their synergic effects.

But what truly sets our oils appart, is their ingredients : diverse hemp cultivars, grown with love and no artificial products.

Our values

We take care of our planet...

Throughout the development of our brand, we have made committed choices to limit our environmental impact. 

Your orders are delivered without any secondary packaging, in a recycled and recyclable box or enveloppe. The consumption guide is printed with vegetable ink on seed paper (that you can plant and grow). And we offer a huge discount on our 30ml format in the hopes of limiting the frequency of deliveries.

Our values

... and we take care of our people !

We created our blends for you. But providing you with exceptional products is only part of the solution : we wanted to also hemp you use our products best ! 

With each order, we offer you a personalized coaching session to help you find the right dosage for your needs.


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