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Zoom Moody Blend
Zoom Moody Blend
Zoom Moody Blend

Moody Blend

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Our clients use this blend : when they experience stress or anxiety, occasionally or regularly, feel sadness, for example during their PMS or when menstruating, feel a lack of motivation...


Our Moody Blend uses two different hemp cultivars, naturally rich in CBDV (cannabidivarin).

Moody's formula is 100% natural and contains : 8% CBD + 6% CBDV + 1% CBC. The most present terpenes (1%) are : limonene, beta-caryophyllene, alpha-pinene and terpinolene.

How to use

Moody can be taken at any time of the day (but we recommend avoiding just before bedtime, because limonene can have an energizing effect). 

You can use it : 

- occasionally, whenever you feel stress or anxiety symptoms

- daily, if you suffer from chronic symptoms or are going through an intense life moment - space intakes by 4 hours

Take no more than 8 drops at a time, 3 times per day (maximum of 24 drops per day).

Safety concerns

Due to regulations, we are unable to comment on safety and efficacy while pregnant or breastfeeding, and for children. 

We recommend speaking with you healthcare provider or doing some research. 

If you take a treatment, consult your healthcare provider to avoid interactions. 

Moody Blend

€10,00 Regular price €44,00

Pour se sentir pleinement soi

La formulation de l'huile MOODY est véritablement unique. Elle est issue d'une variété de chanvre qui combine naturellement en grande quantité, des cannabinoïdes et des terpènes aux propriétés anxiolitiques et sur la régulation de l'humeur.


Naturally occurring compounds within hemp that support our body's endocannabinoid systems (ECS).

Inside the Moody Blend

8% CBD (Cannabidiol)
See the study on CBD's possible anxiolytic effect and against stress

6% CBDV (Cannabidivarin)
See the study on CBDV's mood-regulating properties 

1% CBC (Cannabichromene)
See the study on its anti-depressant potential and its effect on mood regulation

Les terpènes de Moody

Limonene (also found in lemon)
See the study on its anti-stress properties

Beta-Caryophyllene (also found in pepper)
See the study on its anti-stress and anti-depressant properties

Alpha-pinene (also found in pine tree)
See the study on its impact on focus

Terpinolene (also found in tea tree)
See the study on its sedative properties against stress


Terpenes and cannabinoids work in synergy to maximize their effect on our well-being

100% Natural

Our products contain only 2 ingredients : hemp and olive oil (our carrier oil). Both come from the same region.

0% THC

Our products are 3rd party tested to guarantee they are free from THC, in accordance with French regulation.

Sustainable production

Our producers use natural farming methods, that respect both soils and the plants.

Extraction propre

Notre chanvre est extrait au CO2 supercritique, pour obtenir un produit propre et sain.

Certificates of Analysis

Our products are tested several times before reaching you : first by our producers, then by us, to ensure we deliver a high quality product and to guarantee the desired cannabinoid and terpene make-up in each of our blend formulations.

Transparency is an essential value for us : we make all of our products certificates of analysis available online and welcome any question you have. 

See the certificates

Your questions about Moody

Can I take Moody any time during my day ?

Yes, but we recommend taking it during the day rather than at night time because some of its terpenes may have an energizing effect on some people.

Can I take Moody at the same time as Outchy and / or Sleepy ?

Yes. However, we don't recommend exceeding 8 drops per intake and 3 takes per day, regardless of which of our blends you use. 

Our blends were each designed to target a specific benefit. We recommend you give each their own space, their little moment, even ritual, in your wellbeing routine. 

Can I still drink coffee if I use Moody ?

Yes ! You can definitely use Moody AND drink coffee. 

We often get asked that question because drinking an energizing beverage and taking a cannabinoid oil against stress don't really seem to go hand in hand. But au contraire : cannabinoids will counter the negative side effects of caffeine (nervousness, anxiety) to only preserve the stimulating effect of drinking coffee. 

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