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Sleepy Blend

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Our clients use this blend : as a natural alternative to sleeping aids, when they have a hard time falling asleep, occasionally or regularly.


Our Sleepy Blend uses two different hemp cultivars, including a strain naturally rich in CBD (cannabidiol) with strong linalol terpenes.

Sleepy's formula is 100% natural and contains : 8% CBD + 4% CBN + 3% CBG. The most present terpenes (1%) are : myrcene, linalol, beta caryophellene and delta 3 carene.

Usage tips

We recommend using Sleepy just before bedtime, since the hemp molecules it contains can have sedative properties. Don't take Sleepy more than 1 hour before your bedtime, in order to feel the effects when you're ready to sleep. 

You should not exceed 8 drops. 

Safety Concerns

Due to regulations, we are unable to comment on safety and efficacy while pregnant or breastfeeding, and for children. 

We recommend speaking with you healthcare provider or doing some research. 

If you take a treatment, consult your healthcare provider to avoid interactions. 

Sleepy Blend

€22,00 Regular price €44,00

Formulée pour un meilleur sommeil

L'huile SLEEPY contient une variété de chanvre particulièrement riche en linalol (un terpène qu'on trouve dans la lavande, et qui est réputé agir sur l'endormissement). Elle combine l'action du CBD au CBN et au CBG, choisis notamment pour leur effet sédatif.


Naturally occurring compounds within hemp that support our body's endocannabinoid systems (ECS).

Inside the Sleepy Blend

8% CBD : cannabidiol
See the study on its action on stress and anxiety reduction, and in favor of muscle relaxation

4% CBN : cannabinol
See the study on its sedative effect and its ability to relieve tensions

3% CBG : cannabigerol
See the study on its sedative effect and its action in favor of sleep

Les terpènes de Sleepy

Myrcène (also found in mango) 
See the study on its potential to stimulate the heavy body feeling associated with sleeping

Beta-caryophyllene (also found in black pepper)
See the study on its action on stress relief, in synergy with cannabinoids, 

Delta 3 carene (also found in pine essential oil)
See the study on its sedative properties

Linalol (also found in lavender)
See the study on its action to favor sleep


Terpenes and cannabinoids work in synergy to maximize their effect on our well-being

100% Natural

Our products contain only 2 ingredients : hemp and olive oil (our carrier oil). Both come from the same region.

0% THC

Our products are 3rd party tested to guarantee they are free from THC, in accordance with French regulation.

Sustainable production

Our producers use natural farming methods, that respect both soils and the plants.

Extraction propre

Notre chanvre est extrait au CO2 supercritique, pour obtenir un produit propre et sain.

Certificates of analysis

Our products are tested several times before reaching you : first by our producers, then by us, to ensure we deliver a high quality product and to guarantee the desired cannabinoid and terpene make-up in each of our blend formulations.

Transparency is an essential value for us : we make all of our products certificates of analysis available online and welcome any question you have. 

See the certificates


Can I use Sleepy during the day ?

We created Sleepy specifically to help you find better sleep and fight off insomnia. It contains natural hemp molecules that have slightly sedative properties. That's why it's best taken before going to bed (not more than 1 hour before bedtime ideally). 


How will Sleepy help me get better sleep ?

There are two primary ways that cannabinoids help us find better sleep : 

- by relieving some of the root causes of insomnia and sleep difficulties, such as pain and stress (this is brought by CBD and beta-caryophyllene in Sleepy's composition)

- by interacting with brain receptors to regulate sleep and our circadian rythme (that's the job of CBN, CBG and the other 3 main terpes, Myrcene, Delta 3 Carene and Linalol in Sleepy's composition).

What does Sleepy taste like ?

Our clients say Sleepy taste "soft, light and slightly floral". This is because of its terpenes make up, some of which is also found in lavender.

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